Things that don’t suck

first pregnancy, pregnancy, third trimester

1. Being the last one to have kids and getting hand me downs. It’s insane. Good friends, friends of friends, old sorority sisters I haven’t seen since 1998, the sister of an old castmate who was a total stranger…I can’t wait to pay it all forward and return the gesture when the time comes. I mean, the relief and happiness with which these women are clearing their baby clutter makes me utterly aware of the enormous amount of STUFF that gets accumulated from making a new human. So friends who have mothered before me, thank you for being amazing and being something that doesn’t suck!!

2. Pregnancy hair. We all know this, but it bears mention. Someone said I had a Farrah Fawcett 70’s thing going on the other day. Pretty sure that’s a good thing. I haven’t technically been going for the feathered look, but my hair does have some curl to it and it has been raining a lot, so…

3. Yoga clothes are also maternity clothes now. Yoga pants save my belly and ass from feeling like they are sausage stuffing, and can transform a simple top and cardigan into a cute pregnant lady outfit. Period. Leggings, boots, a cardigan, scarf = autumn uniform. Do any of you get little looks from older women when you wear tighter clothes? I meet ladies who are from a different generation (50’s moms) and they congratulate me on what I wear: “Good for you for showing off that bump”, “When I was pregnant, they put us in smocks” 😦

Lululemon, your prices make me sick, and I know your main dude made a really dumb comment about breast cancer (so he sucks), but you offer me 15% off as a certified yoga instructor, have helped me feel like something in this world fits and make me feel almost pregnansexy…so thank you for not sucking.

4. Somedays, it’s totally ok for everything to be about whether or not you pooped. Maybe this is inaprops? But I can’t help it, it’s the truth: every day I’m not constipated is a day that I WIN. Digestive system…you lately haven’t sucked one bit. ***TIP*** I attribute this to eating a kiwi a day! LADIES GET THEE TO THE PRODUCE SECTION of your grocery store and load up on this green globule of vitamin C and intestine relaxing goodness! It WORKS!

5. Craigslist. This kind of relates to #1, but things like the chicco caddy I was told not to register for because it’s a waste of a $100 gift…something only to be used for a short time that I should just buy used. I found one on craigslist and the woman was also like “oh you’re having a boy? I will throw in a bunch of boy baby clothes.” So, ladies of craigslist, I thank you. You do not suck.

6. Hearing the heartbeat. Had my 28 week monthly appointment today 145 bpm never sounded so sweet xoxoxox


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