I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while now. Ever since my first appointment, where, immediately after, I was called in for genetic counseling. At 36 (or 37, since they peg the age you DELIVER at), my odds of all sorts of dismal outcomes were flashed in front of me, and my husband and I left with pits in our stomachs. Then there was our first appointment at a new hospital where the perky young nurse with a bazillion kids immediately pegged me as “high-risk”.

I mean…

I keep on looking for a place where things aren’t either A. completely scary with doom and gloom questions and fears, or B. picture perfect with fashionable pregnant women flashing their bumps and Pinterest-worthy monthly announcements (don’t get me wrong…I look at all those as well and more power to you for creating an adorable pregnancy bump chalkboard with the cute fruit or veggie that gives the reader a visual as to how big your baby is).

So on my walk yesterday as I was feeling kind of “what the F” about, oh…EVERYTHING, I thought…why not start writing. And here it is. A place for all us “advanced maternal” mommies. And I put “advanced maternal” in quotes because I’m calling bullshit on it 🙂 We conceived, we are strong, we are healthy, and hopefully this can be a place to share it all together.


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